8 Things to Consider When Choosing a Sit and Stand Desk

Choosing a sit and stand desk can be tough, especially without knowing the right information. There are a lot of different features that you should consider when looking for your dream desk.

This article provides some important considerations to help you decide which is best for you and your work style

8 Factors to Choose a Sit & Stand Desk


When choosing a sit and stand desk it's imperative to consider all possible options before finalising your desk. Some of the factors that can provide you with the right assistance in choosing the standing desk are the following:


When choosing a sit and stand desk, make the minimum depth is 30” is advisable. This is when you want a desk that allows you to spread out your work with ease. But if not then a smaller footprint gets the job done.

Range of Height

According to BIFMA, the optimal height range of the standing desk should approximately be 22.6 inches to 48.7 inches and it depends upon the height the individual needs to work on the desk. Those who plan to share the height adjustable desk Canada it's advised to choose one that has a larger range.

Easy to Move

There are multiple ways to raise a standing desk and even lower the standing desk. From hand cranking, electric lifting and even pneumatic lifts, every process should be smooth and efficient.


Speed of Movement

It's essential to own a sit and stand desk that has the ability to raise quickly and lower seamlessly. The quicker the speed of raising and lowering the more preferable the standing desk will be when using.


When choosing a sit and stand desk make sure you go for the one that can easily be powered. That’s right the desk should have access to electricity. This makes work so much easier for you!


The standing desk should be able to handle the weight of all the items that you plan to place on it. Make sure it's made using the right wood and doesn’t break down easily. Sturdy standing desk would be preferable in this case.

Cancelling Out Leg Fatigue

One of the most highlighted complaints that people have when purchasing the sit and stand desk is that standing becomes very exhausting. To cancel all of this you can start wearing supportive shoes with it, you can add a riser that helps you support one foot while using the standing desk, you can also add a gel mat which will allow people to gradually build tolerance while standing and using the desk.


Your sit and stand desk needs to be very functional, meaning it should have the right aesthetics and all the factors of a good chair to be able to fit in. All its functionalities will impact its usability, the better it is the more it'll be used and recommended.

Sit and stand desk are a good accessory especially when it comes to using them for the right purpose. Now consider all the factors above and get the desk now!