Are Ring Lights Good for Zoom Calls?

Zoom calls are a great way to make sure you have the best quality video call possible. However, some people might not be able to use them because their phone is too small or they can't keep their fingers on the screen.

If you're looking for a way to make sure your zoom call is as clear as possible, consider using a selfie ring light on your phone.

Selfie ring lights are best for zoom calls because they highlight your face instead of your background. They can also be helpful for those who have difficulty seeing in low light conditions which is common during zoom calls.

Small selfie ring lights that fit around your cell phone's lens and allow you to make zoom calls clear. They also help with social media videos and selfies

Ring Lights and Zoom Calls: Quiet a Combination?

How to Set Ring Lights for Zoom Calls

Here are some tips for setting a Ring light for zoom sessions.

Using Main Power

The most important thing to remember before you plug in a selfie ring light is whether they are recommended to use on a laptop. Due to high brightness in the ring light for phone, their power draw can exceed what most USB ports can deliver, and can damage a laptop or PC if plugged into the USB port directly. 


It's better to use a mobile charger or a USB power bank if you are using it on a mobile.


Camera Should Be Placed In The Middle Of The Ring Light

If you are using a smartphone for your zoom calls then the ideal placement is at the center of the selfie ring light. Most of the ring light comes with tripods which allow this. 


The camera in the middle and lens close to the light, will practically eliminate the shadow and give the best result


Set the Colour Temperature

It is the most important thing to remember while setting the selfie ring light. Most of the ring light for phone comes with control of color temperature. How warm or cool the light is. Higher temperatures can be harsh and will be inappropriate in daylight, while the lower temperature is softer. You can set the color temperature according to your needs. 


Perfect Position for Ring Light

Before starting a zoom session, you must set your smartphone's selfie ring light. Try placing the ring light for phone at a different distance away from you, to see which position works best for you because not all rooms are the same, and where the light source is placed can have a sizable effect on your zoom call. 

Bottom Line

Are ring lights good for zoom calls? The short answer is yes because they help you to create better images with softer shadows and tones.

The ring light for phone used for zoom calls is a device that allows you to use your phone's camera without the need for a tripod. It has an adjustable arm and clamp so it can be used on any smartphone, regardless of size. The clamp can also be used as a stand and cradle to set up your phone with the ring light for phone in place.