Are Small Ring Lights Worth it?

Small ring lights also known as the selfie ring light are quite the hype! Today, they are used by multiple influencers and people, especially because of how flattering the pictures turn out. Secondly, you get a professional lighting set up that too in a portable ring light makes it even more worth it.


With the advancement in technology, you will see how social media handles have become quite outstanding. The digital era has made things more advanced, people have the right know-how and the knowledge to amplify their handles and make them stand out. Some of which is because of the photography and the illuminated pictures that they post for the audience. From food pictures, to make up videos and close ups to diminish beauty concepts all of it can now be done.


But natural light isn’t enough, nor is the camera flashlight. With work quality improving everyone wants their page to stand out amongst all, hence the usage of selfie ring lights has increased. If you are planning to get one, this article will put you in the right direction and assist you in deciding if small ring lights are actually worth it or not.

4 Reasons Why Selfie Ring Light are Useful

1. Shooting Makeup Videos

Tired of applying make up in poor light and want to get contouring done in the right places then the best way is using a selfie ring light. Create flawless looks, and get the perfect shot in! Ring lights are essential in making your subject have the catchlight in their eyes which looks quite lovely.

2. Food Photography:

Are you a foodie or a food blogger? Getting the right shots is a priority and a food picture displaying the yummy food can easily reel people in to your page. Having good pictures and the best video shots requires good lighting and what better way than to use ring light for getting the right snap in! It's quite portable and easy to carry, can be kept in your hand bags and clipped on easily to use.


3. Beauty and Eye Specialists:

Calling out to the lash extensions specialists and eye specialists, having a good ring light can be the perfect accessory to take photos. Get alluring pictures of the eyes displaying your work and that too using the ring light! Amp up the display of your work and make the right portfolio too.


4. Selfies and Group Photos!

Tired of going out for a fun night and not being able to get good photos of yourself and your group? Selfie light has got you covered! Now use ring light for selfies and get the perfect photos even in the dark club lights. Pose with your friends and get memorable pictures of yourself.



With that being said, you probably have an idea how useful ring lights are especially when it comes to professional and personal usage. They help you get good shots in with perfect lighting and help make your social media handles better! Pose, shoot and make videos using selfie ring light. It’s actually worth it!