Are Standing Desks Good for You 2022?

Standing height-adjustable desks, Canada provides a lot of benefits to people who stand while they work. 

After going through this article, you will be able to answer the question, "Are standing desks good for you?" in 2021 and whether this will be a trend in office furniture design.

Standing height desks are not only beneficial for people who have bad backs, but they are also beneficial for those who suffer from chronic pain from sitting all day long on a traditional desk or office chair.

Are Standing Desks Still Worth Buying in 2022?

Apart from being more mobile, standing height-adjustable desks, Canada is still a hot topic because of the various benefits they offer - especially the health benefits. 


study has found that standing desks can help our health and productivity by reducing the risk of type-2 diabetes, heart disease, and some cancers. This is due to the movement. The American Journal of Epidemiology also found that those who used sitting desks for 8 hours a day had a 10% higher mortality rate than those who did not use sitting desks at all.


Standing height desks provide a great way to get off your bottom and move around while you work.


The benefits of this are not just in your physical health. Standing desks also have some mental benefits. They can help reduce anxiety, improve alertness and cognitive function, and make it easier to focus on tasks. In the long run, they can also help people who suffer from chronic conditions such as obesity or high blood pressure.


In 2021 standing desks will be more commonplace in office environments, with moving away from sitting all day becoming the norm for many people.


Considering all these factors and studies, it is safe to say that, yes, standing height-adjustable desks Canada are still worth buying in 2022 - In the future, standing desks will likely be a trend in many office settings. People will see them as a valuable tool for their health and productivity.

Two Most Important Factors to Choose Standing Height Desks


Primarily, the height of a standing height desk is one of the most important factors to consider because it can determine if it is suitable for your size. For example, if you are tall, then you will need a more elevated standing desk than somebody who is short. If you want to be able to stand in front of your workstation, then you will need a desk that is between 28″-30″ from floor level.


When deciding on the size of a standing desk, it is essential to consider how often you intend to use it. A smaller desk will be cheaper and easier to move from room to room, but if you are using it for long periods, then this may not be ideal.


You also need to consider the size of the height-adjustable desks Canada when you're buying one because if it's too small, your feet won't be able to stretch.