Are Standing Desks Overrated?

Are Standing Desks Overrated?

First of all, the hype of standing desks or height adjustable desks is justified by the increased ways and methods adopted by people to improve and live a healthy life. However, Covid-19 has caused us to stick to our chair and modern technology, which is causing great harm to our health because we humans are supposed to move and perform some physical exercise for good body metabolism. Moreover, it’s undeniable that sitting is not bad for us, but the time we spend having a sedentary lifestyle can be harmful to us.
We all know that sit and stand desks are becoming popular day by day as they contribute to the elimination of a sedentary lifestyle. Still, there are some negative aspects of standing desks, which make people hesitant to buy these desks. So, let’s discuss the pros and cons of standing desks to know whether standing desks are overrated or not:

What Are They Good For?

According to research, it’s said that standing desks can improve cardiovascular health and prevent heart problems. Moreover, one can quickly move around the standing desk and uplift the desk as well and shift weight from one end to another without lower back pain. It is also claimed that standing desks burn calories, which is why these desks are trending nowadays and are promoted by professionals for a healthy lifestyle. Lastly, according to a study, it is proven that the risks of health problems like cholesterol and hypertension rise by 50% in people who prefer to sit at one place rather than those people who stand or walk and do not sit for this long.

Why They Might Not Be The Best Solution

A research study suggests that the benefits of standing desks claimed by people are overrated because our bodies are not designed according to what is demanded by standing desks: to stand for a long period. Furthermore, a standing person is also considered inactive because the standing desk itself doesn’t add any productivity to someone’s life who is just standing and doing nothing. Moreover, another research study shows that a person standing in front of a standing desk is considered to burn only calories equal to one apple, which is relatively minimal. Therefore, standing desks are a bit overrated for people who use them to lose weight as they don’t significantly contribute to weight loss. Last, another research study shows that constantly standing in front of a desk creates discomfort in the body, leading to muscle fatigue, swelling of lower limbs, and a bad body posture.

It is debatable whether standing desks are overrated or not due to their pros and cons. People who consider these desks as the best exercise and good for their health only look at the positive aspects of it and expect a change in their lifestyle after buying standing desks. In contrast, the people who don’t consider these desks suitable for themselves are happy with their sedentary lifestyle. They don’t care about how good standing desks are because they believe the negative aspects of these desks and think that these desks are overrated.