Are USB Microphones Good?

Are USB Microphones Good?

An average person may not understand the difference between different types of microphones. Are USB microphones good? To answer this question, we need something to compare it with to find the best mic for streaming or recording. Audio Interface seems to be preferred by many people but so do USB microphones. Which one should you buy? These are the variables we are here to quantify.


It is important to understand that a USB microphone will not produce the quality which feels ‘real’. There will be other factors, like air, that will affect the quality of audio. Compared with an XLR mic with an audio interface, a USB microphone has more latency. An XLR mic cancels the noise and produces the quality which feels real with the right equipment. If the latency issue in USB Microphone is resolved it might become the best gaming microphone in 2022 as gamers who play competitive games make sure that they have equipment with minimum latency.


Some people use microphones on multiple devices such as computers, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.

If you are using a USB microphone you can simply plug it into your device with the correct adapter without using any additional equipment. However, an XLR mic would generally require an audio interface to connect with these electronic devices. But with the help of the audio interface, you can record different types of audio sources in different ways; depending on the audio interface you might be able to connect more than one microphone on more than one electronic device. In summary, the USB mic takes the lead here!


If we compare the price of a USB Microphone which can be connected easily unlike an XLR microphone and the required cables for connection, we can get better quality USB microphone at the same price we can get an XLR with its accessories combined. A USB microphone focuses on low budget and convenience rather than high quality, its purpose is to do the same task as a digital audio setup but with few features and components.


People who are new to building computer desk setups will find the XLR microphone very complicated while a USB microphone is usually plug-and-play. USB microphone simply requires you to install a driver, read the instructions or watch a ‘how to’ video, and pretty much that is it!


Audio Interface or XLR microphones rarely face any driver issues. Even the old analog microphones from the ‘90s will not face any difficulty while recording something today. However, a USB microphone might give glitchy output or stop working from minor changes in an audio driver, operating system, or any other software issue.

In conclusion, all products are subjective. You need to list down your expectations and requirements to find the best buy microphone. Do you need a mic for streaming? Or a mic for recording? Do you need less equipment? What devices will you use it on? These are questions you need to ask yourself before buying a microphone. If you want the best gaming microphone for streaming, then you should definitely check out Ergopixel’s microphone line! Their USB mics may complete all your requirements at a good price.