Best Ring Lights for TikTok Use

Best Ring Lights for TikTok Use

May it be make-up tutorials, dance videos, cooking recipes, or even educational lectures, all content creators try to bring out their best in their videos on TikTok. One major factor that distinguishes a true influencer from an ordinary content creator is the lighting in the videos. Hence, the rising demand for ring lights. Now the question is, which ring light is the best?

Some Qualities to Keep in Mind

LED ring lights come in various sizes and a wide range of prices. They differ in the features that they have to offer and also the purpose they are used for. Like the larger ring lights are mainly used for capturing portraits whereas the smaller ones are best for the object which require more detail like plant photography. For TikTok, one needs to keep in mind that a suitable ring light should have a stable base that ensures high-quality videos, the right size of the ring diameter, and the right sort of clip for the smartphone or camera. Let's take a look at the best ring lights for TikTok that are available.

EICAUS Ring Light (10 Inches)

EICAUS 10" ring light has proved to be brighter than any other ring light available right now. This makes sure that the lighting in your videos is perfect. It also comes with an AC/DC adapter for charging which means that you can simply plug it in your home switchboard whenever you want to charge it. Furthermore, EICAUS comes with a built-in ring light tripod for stability and provides the user with a range of height options to choose from. However, all these benefits come at a high price. It is more expensive than many other options that you might be considering for ring lights at Costco.

LED Desktop Selfie Right Light (10.2 inches)

This ring light comes in 3 different modes with different colored lights. This is a great win for this model because some users prefer changing their lighting based on their ambiance and this ring light allows them to do so. Also, the LED Desktop Selfie ring light comes with a remote to control the color modes and other features so you don't always have to walk up to the ring light in the middle of the video shoot to change the settings.

QIAYA Selfie Light Ring

Next on our list is a traveler's dream. This ring light is compact and very portable. It can be easily carried on your travels and you can shoot your TikTok videos anywhere you want. For the same purpose, it is made in such a way that it is easily rechargeable by your power bank. However, there have been complaints that portability comes with the cost of durability. These ring lights stop working within a few months.

Now You Know

Make sure you keep these tips and options in mind when you go to buy a ring light for your TikTok videos. All these ring lights will be available on Black Friday 2022.