Do I Need a USB Microphone for Zoom

Do I Need a USB Microphone for Zoom

What Just Happened?

Welcome to the era after the breakout of Covid-19! Now we live in a world where children who used to run around in parks are found glued to their gaming screens, where shopping online is not a luxury anymore but a need, and where educational and professional meetups are done virtually on Google Meet or Zoom. And with the development of these applications, our computers require an upgrade in the devices. A USB microphone is one such device. But is it really necessary to buy a USB mic for Zoom? Let’s find out.

Better Sound Quality

With a USB microphone, the sound quality is way better than the wireless mic or maybe the mic that is built-in with your computer. With the latest noise reduction technologies, your mic will automatically avoid the unwanted sounds and capture the desired voice. This will result in clear sound without interruptions.

Easy to Operate

All the USB Microphones currently available in the market are ready to use. Simply plug and play on your desired device. Also, you do not need any specific software to tune your mic or set it up. The moment you plug it in, your computer will read it and your default microphone will be updated.

No Battery Required

We all hate changing batteries for our appliances and having a constant worry that the battery might run out during an important meeting. Well, the good news is that these USB microphones are there to help in that regard. The USB connection is for the very purpose of taking power supply from your computer. Hence, the mic does not require any independent battery which might have put you in an awkward position otherwise.


When compared to other types of microphones, USB powered mics have proved to be the most dependable ones. Wireless mics often lose connection for a few seconds which result in your voice breaking in between of your speech. Whereas the USB mic with the cables ensures that the connection is intact at all times resulting in consistent performance.

So How Much Do They Cost?

Surprisingly so, these microphones are very reasonable in terms of their prices, keeping in mind the features that they provide us with. Especially, if we compare them with wireless mics, the USB microphones are less than half the price. Might not be equally portable as the wireless ones, but USB mics are the best mic for streaming and attending sessions on Zoom.

To Sum It Up

With the major change in the dynamics of communication around the globe, are we really going to continue with the same devices our computers have had for years? For the above-mentioned reasons, a high-quality recording mic is one of the most essential devices for all of us now. If you are still using Zoom and do not have a USB mic, we suggest you get yours now!