Do Ring Lights Really Work?

Do Ring Lights Really Work?

We all follow influencers and content creators on YouTube. But have you ever stopped and wondered what makes them glow and look so fresh? Do you know that you can look as flawless as your favorite content creators out there? Yes, you can!

Let us share with you their secret: A Ring Light! Ring lights are what make those selfies look so magical. - a selfie ring light, of course! Are you thinking about buying one now? Well, you’re at the right place! Let’s see what ring lights are and do they live up to their name.

What Is It Used For?

Originally, they were designed to assist in medical and dental procedures. But due to their flexibility, they were soon adapted for different commercial uses. Most popularly, ring lights are used for photography or videography. Due to their design and structure, they are perfect for emphasizing details on videos and photographs. The circular design allows for the camera to be adjusted in order to capture specific details of any shoot. Moreover, they are used to generate color effects which work by switching the regular white bulbs with different colored light by applying gel on some parts of the ring light. You can check out a ring light for photography at your nearest retail store - that’s how common they’ve become!

By the way, you can even do makeup tutorials with a ring light. (Yes, even Jaclyn Hill uses one!) This source of light is perfect for makeup application especially on days when natural light isn’t available. Grab that selfie ring light and click away!

What Is with The Hype?

So, why is it so popular among teens if it’s for professional use? Well, it’s the convenience of looking good all the time! Ring lights give you a glow 24/7 because they depend on electricity. You don’t have to wait for the golden hour to get your desired pictures. You can have the perfect picture at any time and as many of them as you want in a day! All you need is a ring light and a smartphone and you are good to go!

What To Look For.

Another thing to consider is the size and the power of the ring light. It comes with different lumens (lm) and color rendering index (CRI) which could be bought as per your need – be it professional photography, video production, or influencer-like selfies! But what if your ring light is a flawed one? Well, many of them come with a warranty but make sure you check it with your retailer because it varies from shop to shop. A rule of thumb is to look for 12 months of warranty when purchasing.

No doubt, a ring light comes with a lot of benefits. When you purchase one, it comes with many accessories such as a stand, a mirror, an AC power adaptor, and a camera bracket to name a few. So, if you’re looking to improve your photography or video production skills then this is just the thing for you or if you just want people to fall in love with you then head straight to your nearest Costco and grab that ring light now!