Do Ring Lights Work Well Outside?

Ring light cameras are popularly used by photographers as well as videographers. They are usually used to create a soft light that will not create harsh shadows or reflections on the subject. These can also be used as fill lights to soften the harshness of daylight or to provide illumination where daylight falls short.


However, what confuses most people is whether these ring light for photography work well outside or not. Ring lights cameras work well outside because they can be used as fill lights to soften the harshness of daylight or to provide illumination where daylight falls short.


Let’s learn a few tricks and tips to make the most out of ring light cameras outdoors!

Ring Light Camera: Things to Know Before Using Ring Lights Outside

Ring light cameras are very effective when used inside a room or studio. They are capable of producing excellent lighting for portraits, videos, and makeup. But, how do they work outside?

Ring Lights and Night-Time

Ring lights for photography can be used in outdoor settings to produce dramatic effects with the sun. However, the light they emit doesn't compare to that of natural sunlight.


Ring lights are not necessarily designed to work well in the daytime. This is because they can cause a glare, especially if the light is pointed towards the sunlight. The best time for using ring lights is at night when there's little to no direct sunlight, which would cause uncomfortable glare.


It is important to know, however, that ring lights work best at night because of their circular light source. This light source reflects off of objects in the foreground of the photo and creates a halo effect on the subject's face, but it also leaves shadows behind on subjects in the background or foreground of an image.

Ring Lights and Cloudy Weather

Ring lights cameras are very effective in cloudy or overcast conditions, they will give you more than enough illumination to work with. Ring lights for photography are an excellent choice for outdoor portraits because they provide even coverage and soft shadows.


Ring lights are very good in cloudy or overcast environments. The light they produce is soft and will not reflect off the subject’s skin.

Ring Lights: When to Use Outdoors

When it comes to using a ring light for photography outside, the question is not whether the light can function, but rather how bright it can get.


If you have a ring light that only has a single bulb then it will be hard for that light to get very bright. You may need to use a second bulb for this purpose.


Ring lights are typically designed to work in a studio setting where all of the lightings is controlled and there is no ambient lighting. This means that they have been developed for conditions where they cannot be seen by or interact with people or other objects in front of them.

Lastly, Some Tricks!

Ring lights don't work well outside only because the light will be scattered and it won't be as intense. If you want to use a ring light for shooting something outside, there are two things you can do. One is to use it during the daytime when the sun's rays are less intense. Another way is to place your subject at least 12 feet away from the sun so that they're not casting shadows on themselves