How Big of Impact an Adjustable Desk Can Make?

How Big of Impact an Adjustable Desk Can Make?

Adjustable Desks: What are these?

Many biologists and physiotherapists say that sitting for long periods of time can be dangerous for our health. That does make sense to us but do we have any other option? People have work and most of the work requires sitting at your desk for a significant amount of time. To answer your plea, adjustable desks were introduced. They are height adjustable and you can choose between sitting and standing. These adjustable desks are also called sit-stand desks or uplift desks. But the question arises, is it really worth spending money on such desks? And how big of an impact can an adjusting desk make? Let’s go through some of the benefits of these desks.

Cure for Back Pain:

We all have been there. Sitting in front of the computer causes back pain. Especially those people who have to spend the entire working hours at their desks, it can get really difficult. Using a standing laptop desk is really helpful in this case. You can keep rotating between sitting and standing positions which will save you from the back pain. A study found out that within 4 weeks of using an adjustable desk, users reported that back pain reduced by 54%.

Work and Workout at the Same Time?

Simply standing up burns more calories than sitting down. Yes, the calories burnt may not be as much as during a full-fledged workout. But something is better than nothing. Every afternoon, you can burn 170 calories by standing instead of sitting. That makes around 1000 calories burned every week. You do not have to take out any time for this easy workout. Simply change your working desk and you are already working on your body.

Fights Diabetes:

Yes, a desk can help you save yourself from diabetes. Sitting for longer periods causes an interruption in the proper flow of blood which increases the blood sugar levels. These spikes can be dangerous and may lead to diabetes. So much so, a study has mentioned that sitting after your meals can increase the risks of Type 2 Diabetes by 112%. All of these threats may be looked after simply if you have an electronic adjustable desk.

Increased Productivity:

A basic rule of thumb says that when you are sitting or lying down, you are more likely to delay your tasks. Whereas, when you are standing, you tend to get your tasks done much quicker. In the easiest of terms, standing up increases your productivity. Hence, getting an adjustable desk for your working station can turn out to be a great investment.


In the light of all the factors that are mentioned above, it is clear that adjustable desks have plenty of advantages like increased productivity and other health benefits. The health benefits include reduced back pains, less obesity and lesser chances of diabetes. Hence it should not come as a surprise that in the long run, you might be adding a few years to your life if you buy a standing desk for yourself. Therefore, yes, adjustable desks can have a huge impact.