How Much Does a Computer Microphone Cost?

How Much Does a Computer Microphone Cost?

Microphones are a must for any streamer, gamer or Youtuber. A quality microphone makes a difference whenever you are creating content of any kind, its amps up the quality tremendously. But, how can you determine which microphone is good for you without it costing you a fortune? Here is how you can choose a microphone that wouldn’t leave you broke for Christmas.

What to Look For

If you have a laptop then you are bound to have a built-in microphone but for most desktops or pcs, a microphone is not present. A good desktop would require you to have a good microphone for content creation. So, it’s essential to look for a microphone that cancels background noise and has greater bandwidth to catch different frequencies. Microphone quality usually increases with price, so just know that the quality of sound depends on your budget. Another thing to consider is the type of input. USB and 3.5 mm are common connections that work with both a Mac and a PC.

You can check out Best Buy for microphones that have a good quality and who knows you might be lucky enough to catch a discount there!

What Is Your Dream Microphone?

Well, it depends on what you want to do with it. If you plan on buying a microphone for streaming then you should look for something that has a frequency response between 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz, a cardioid polar pattern and an XLR type connector. For podcasting, you only really need a cardioid pattern to reduce noise because they are less sensitive and don’t pick up noise from different directions. Apart from that, a podcast microphone only needs a pop filter to prevent popping Ps.

Any good streaming microphone should start at $50 or less. But if you’re looking for something even better, then here is our recommendation for the best gaming microphone for 2022’s bucket list: Ergopixel’s Condensor Microphone.

This microphone has a frequency response between 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz and has a cardioid polar pattern. The microphone is compatible with Mac and PC as well as any gaming console. Moreover, it can easily be adjusted and detached which allows you to set it up as per your comfort. This microphone is perfect due to its flexibility. You can live stream your gaming sessions or podcasts, it can be used for voice overs and for your important business meetings - speak clearly to seal the deal!

The standard package comes with a condenser microphone, a pop filter stand, a sponge and an instructions manual. The best part of all of this is that the cost of this microphone is less than any other microphone with similar features out there.

Ergopixel has a sale on their website, go check it out and get their condenser microphone at $50 or below!