How Much Is A Quality Microphone?

How Much Is A Quality Microphone?

A quality microphone is essential when it comes to content creation of any kind. A good piece of equipment leads to good content creation. But what if you’re a beginner and you don’t know what to look for in a microphone? Most importantly, how expensive is it considering the budget constraints of a content creator who has just started?

What is a “Quality” Microphone?

A good quality microphone is one that cancels any external or background noise that comes from the environment that a creator is in. Most good quality microphones come with a cardioid polar pattern. This allows the microphone to be less sensitive to sound and doesn’t catch sound waves from every direction - only one specific direction. This only allows the “good” sound to be recorded when you’re generating content.

Another thing to look for in a quality microphone is greater frequency response. Any good microphone should be able to pick up a frequency range of 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz at the very least. This allows the creators to create content with a different voice range.

A quality microphone should also be able to support your software. A microphone for Windows, Mac, Linux etc. is easily available these days, in addition, now they also support any kind of content creation be it in podcasting, gaming, meetings etc. Moreover, these microphones are easily compatible with almost every software available on these OS.

The final factor to look at is the cost of the microphone. It is true that sound quality increases as the price increases but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t good microphones out there at an economical range. You can search for good deals at Best Buy for microphones or you could check out Ergopixel that delivers quality content creation gear at an economical rate.

Normally, a quality microphone can cost you up to $250 to $300 but at Ergopixel, a microphone with the same specifications will cost you around $50-$100. Quite the money saver, right?

Is It Worth It?

The most frequently asked question is whether a quality computer microphone is worth buying - or even considering at all. Well, our answer is yes. A good sound can improve the quality of your content tremendously. One of the most off-putting aspects of any content is when the sound quality does not match with the video quality. This will generate less engagement for your content and will ultimately be a hindrance to your growth as a content creator.

Another thing to look out for is that a computer microphone is flexible in the sense that it supports all kinds of free or premium software and is easy to carry around when you’re travelling. Its compatibility and portability make it the ultimate gear that you must have in your desktop setup.

So, still wondering whether to buy the computer microphone or not? Go grab it from the nearest store or online right away!