Should I Get a Stand-Up Desk?

Should I Get a Stand-Up Desk?

Desks have become an integral part of our life. Especially after the technology boom, the preference for computer desks over normal work desks is evident. During the lockdown, an increase in demand for such desks has been observed. However, a sitting desk may seem like your best friend during these times, but are they?

Do You Need a Stand-Up Desk?

Stand-up desks are not for everyone. That’s a fact. So, how do you decide if it’s the right thing for you? If you sit for long hours in your office/home crunching numbers or playing video games, then you definitely need a stand-up desk. You may not have noticed this, but your back is begging you to stand up once in a while when you’re working a 9-to-5 job for five days a week. This is where we tell you why you need a stand-up desk! Now, granted that it is not the only thing that will improve your life significantly (a vacation may do you some good), but it will improve your overall health and lifestyle. Plus, with a stand-up desk, you don’t have to waste time sitting down or getting up. Every second counts, right?

What Are the Benefits?

Now, let’s say you have purchased a good quality stand-up desk for your 9-to-5 job. What do you notice after using it? The first is a pay raise! Because you will be more productive and active during your work hours, you will get the job done right away – happy boss, happy job!

The second thing you might notice is that you’ll be able to fit in your old clothes easily because you may lose weight. Sitting on a desk all day will increase your weight significantly and not in a good way, so standing up for some time may do your joints and muscles some good. Trust me, it’s true! Studies have shown that standing up for long hours can improve muscle tone and body posture. Not only that, but it can also reduce back pain because of slouching. Your organs need to breathe too. Standing up may help relieve congestion and help with circulation. This can greatly reduce your chances of heart disease, cancer, or diabetic problems.

Which One Should You Get?

I may have convinced you to get a stand-up desk now and you may be wondering which desk you should get. Worry not, there are plenty of desks available and they come in every size, shape, and color! Before buying one, you should consider what you might be using it for. Do you need a gaming desk setup or a standing laptop desk for your daily office work? Perhaps, you need a bit of both. Following the current trend, a height-adjustable desk setup (in Canada mainly) is preferred over the standard standing desk setup as it gives you the option for both. A premium quality adjustable desk, like Ergopixel Altura Series, may do you some good in the long-run.

With no back problems, good sugar levels, and perfect body posture, there is no way you won’t feel good about yourself. Go and grab that standing desk!