What Are the Benefits of an Adjustable Desk?

What Are the Benefits of an Adjustable Desk?

What Are Adjustable Desks?

Thankfully, as humans are becoming more and more conscious about health, we are also focusing on improving our working styles. These improvements include ensuring our working space is healthy and ergonomic. Adjustable desks are a result of these considerations. These desks are height adjustable. This means that you can use them just like a normal desk while sitting as well as an innovative standing desk. They are also called sit-stand desks or standing desks as well.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of having an adjustable desk.

Productivity Levels:

As most of us will agree, sitting down or laying down makes us feel lazier and we tend to procrastinate over simple tasks. This is not the case with adjustable desks. If you are working while standing up, chances are that you will not be lazy. Focus and concentration levels increase in standing position and hence resulting in increased productivity. You do not even have to do all your work while standing to be productive. Sitting for half an hour and then standing for the next thirty minutes will work just as fine.

Prevention Against Weight Gain:

Weight loss is dependent on burning calories. Surely there are other ways to burn calories. But if you find yourself too busy at work for exercise, working while standing burns more calories than sitting. This way, you are working on weight loss at the same time as you are working on your computer.

Reduces Back Pain:

In a survey of office workers, back pain was found to be the most common complaint. Sitting all day long contributes to chronic back pain and can be very dangerous in the long term. Adjustable desks are the solution to that. You can choose to work while standing which will improve your posture and reduce the back pain.

Blood Sugar Levels:

For those on a diabetic risk, sitting for long periods can be really dangerous. Having a straight body posture while standing helps the blood sugar levels be maintained. A study found out that simply by switching between sitting and standing, blood sugar spikes were reduced by 11% compared to sitting for all the working hours.

Lowers the Risk of Heart Diseases:

It has been an ongoing research for many years whether sitting all day is harmful for you or not. Majority of the scientists have agreed that spending time on your feet is much healthier than sitting. With the long working hours, if you spend all of them sitting at a desk, the chances of you having a heart disease go up by 147%. Hence, the doctors keep emphasizing upon stretch breaks.

Let’s Take a Stand for Ourselves!

With the customizable feature to choose between sitting and standing, adjustable desks come in really handy. Plenty of professional and health benefits are mentioned above. Now that we know the benefits of having an adjustable desk, we should take a stand for ourselves (pun intended). Check out Ergopixel for the best adjustable desk in Canada and other parts of the world.