What is a Good Desk Height?

The height of your desk is important for your overall health and well-being; hence most people now invest in height desks. It can affect how you feel and how you perform. But what is the definition of a good height, adjustable desks, Canada? Well, height desks can vary from person to person depending on their height and weight. 

So let’s find out the answer to this question through various considerations. Keep reading!

Figuring out a Good Desk Height

The height of a desk is not only an important factor in the comfort of the user but also in ergonomics. Fairly, the most comfortable height for a height desks is about hip level. This allows you to sit at your desk without having to crane your neck or bend your back. This is why there is so much hype and worth of height desks.

Standard Desk Height

A standard height desks is a good thing, but there are times when you need to be able to adjust the height of your desk and this is where adjustable desks, Canada come in handy. This is especially important if you are tall or have limited space.

If you can't alter the height of your height desks, then it's time to get creative. You can use a few different options that will allow you to make the most out of your workspace.

If you are going to use a non-adjustable desk, make sure that it has a standard height of 26.5 inches so that your computer screen is at eye level when you sit down and work.

Accurate Seated Desk Height

The standard height of an office adjustable desks, Canada is around 73-80 cm. However, it varies from person to person. The idea behind this design is that it gives employees a more comfortable working environment while also saving space and money.

All things aside, a good height desks mainly depends on the following factors:

Feet Positioning

When you sit at your adjustable desks, Canada, you should be able to place your feet flat on the ground or at least on the floor. This helps with several health benefits and is essential for any office worker.

When buying a new desk, it's important to consider what height best suits your needs. A good height for your feet is between 20-30 inches from the ground.

Arm Positioning

One of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a new adjustable desks, Canada is arm position. The height and width of your desk should allow for arm movement, in case you need to reach for anything on your desktop or use a mouse.

Elbow Positioning

It is important to have a desk that’s at elbow height, as it reduces strain on the neck and shoulders. This is because when you sit at an appropriate height, your elbows are resting on a surface that’s slightly lower than your wrist and forearm joints, which reduces the need for the excessive effort of moving your arms up and down to maintain an open angle between those joints.