What is a Good Size Desk Range?

What is a Good Size Desk Range?

 While getting a new desk, there will be many questions in your head, you might need a sit and stand desk, a floating desk, or a desk against the wall. After all the questions, it comes down to the main thing which is ‘what size will be best for my desk?’ To find the answer to this question we will provide you with information that will help you reach a conclusion depending on your requirements and your preferences.

Different Work Requires a Different Size!

Of course, a stock analyst or an editor who uses at least four monitors will need a bigger desk than a person who uses a laptop for all his work. Each type of person will prefer a different size and even different shape such as a rectangle or U-shaped desk, along with the design a person will look for other things such as whether it is fixed, standing, or an uplift desk. The goal is to find the best size for your desk which will not take more space in your room than it should and allow you to place all your required electronics and stationery on the table which you can use easily.

Desk Measurement

It is vital to understand the basics of desk measurement so that you can tap into every dimension of it and be as effective as possible. A desk is simply three-dimensional as per our observation, the universe might be eleven-dimensional, but since we can observe only three, we’re going to focus on that. The three dimensions are height, depth, and width.

Ideal Height for Desk

It is vital to consider the chair you are using while determining the best height for your desk, if your chair is height adjustable then it is a good thing. Considering the range of height is 5 ft to 6.2 ft, the desk will have to be 2.35 ft to 2.5 ft. If your requirement for a desk is for multiple people like in an office that carries out a task in rotation or shifts, then it will be better to look for an adjustable desk in Canada as it will save your time and space.

Ideal Depth for Desk

An average depth a desk must-have if you don’t need to place many devices on the desk then the depth must be between 1.65 ft to 2.5 ft. If you use a computer, then depth between 2.35 ft to 2.5 ft would be better as you will need to place your monitor along with keyboard and mouse in front of it which will cover more area depth-wise.

Ideal Width for Desk

The minimum width you should consider is 2 ft which is for minimalist people who can use few accessories to get their work done. For other people, who either use more equipment like printer, CPU, monitor, etc. or those who need extra space for eating or storing. So for such people the range must be between 2.5 ft to 3.8 ft.

All in all, these are the basic measurements that you will need to find the ideal size for your perfect desk. People overestimate and sometimes underestimate the depth or width they will require to carry out their activities. It is preferable to place all your equipment on the floor to get a rough idea for measurement.