What is the Best Height Adjustable Desk?

What is the Best Height Adjustable Desk?

After hiring a carpenter, David finally got his dream desk (the one he saw on Pinterest) with standardized measurements, but when it was time to use it, he realized that his chair’s height would not work with his desk. He could not change the height of the chair or the desk and so he had to put cushions on his chair to be able to maintain his posture while working for long hours. If David had bought a height-adjustable desk he would not have to go through such hardships. But what things should you consider when buying one?

Setting the Desk to a Correct Height

You may be 6’10, your mom may be 5’10, but both of you need to use the family computer. The problem arises when you get a desk optimal for your height only. So, you can’t just order another customized desk for your mom, right? This is where adjustable desks come in. These desks have a range of 17 to 47 inches with ample space for several monitors or equipment. So, before buying a desk, you should consider how much height range you need.


There are mainly two types: Electric and Pneumatic Spring Desks. Electronic adjustable desks use motors and are quite noisy, while spring desks use manual labor and are silent. Electric desks are also more expensive than the spring ones, but the plus point is you get presets to save your preferred heights. This means you don’t have to remember the heights you use while working.

What To Look for In a Height Adjustable Desk

There are many things to consider before getting a lasting high-quality desk:

When You Sit…

You must check if your forearms are leveled with the table’s floor while typing on the keyboard by sitting on your chair with flat feet on the floor and knees at the same height as hips. If the table does not let you do this, try to change the height. If the problem remains then find a new desk!

When You Stand…

Standing does not require much effort unless it’s upside down. You can stand with proper posture but no need to stand like a robot. After that, see if your arms are parallel to the floor while typing.

Some might think they will even use it while standing but according to medical research sitting all day while working increases danger to health, So, it is better to work while standing up once in a while!

How Much Can Your Desk Bear?

Adjustable desks come with weight restrictions. If you place heavy things on the desk, then it is likely to collapse causing damage to your accessories. But a good quality desk, like Ergopixel’s Altura Series may do just fine under such pressure. A standing laptop desk may be the best option for you if you don’t use any accessories. Moreover, many gamers might think that it’s not a good option to buy a height-adjustable desk since gaming PCs weigh too much, but it can work just as fine as a standard gaming PC desk!

Can Your Desk Slide Across the Room?

A desk that can move easily from one corner of the room to another is preferable compared to one which is heavy, noisy, and difficult to move. Mostly, hand cranks are more difficult to move than electric desks.

Now, enough sitting down! Stand up and buy an adjustable desk!