What Is the Best Mic for My Computer?

What Is the Best Mic for My Computer?

A long time ago, you didn't need a mic while setting up your computer. All you needed was a headset and you were all set to talk with your friends or have a meeting. A separate mic with crisp recording quality was a luxury few people (like musicians or live streamers) could afford. Nowadays, a mic has become a standard computer part if you need to be heard clearly by others across the land.

What Do You Need It For?

Are you an aspiring gamer who wishes to live stream their games? Or do you need a recording mic to create music or podcasts? These are the kind of questions which will help you decide which one will suit you best. A premium quality mic may be best suited for musicians, live streamers, or for podcasts because they come with noise cancellation technology along with good padding as well as directional sound capture, like one-way sound capturing. This allows relevant audio to be captured only rather than the whole room. Granted, investing in a good-quality microphone will save you money in the future as you might not have to invest in extra equipment like sound dampening panels. If you need a mic for casual gaming with friends, a premium quality mic with such additional features would just cost you a lot.

What Are the Different Types of Microphones?


Dynamic Microphones

These mics are the most common and affordable products in the market. You may have seen these in public events or concerts. Dynamic mics are not known as recording mics and are least preferred for music/podcast recording or gaming. Although they are cheap, they are not good at noise reduction or capturing soft sound.

Condenser Microphones

These are much better than dynamic mics in terms of capturing soft sounds. Condensers are especially preferred for recording vocals and soft music instruments. Since they are more sensitive to sound, they are not preferred for recording loud sounds, like drums, or a gamer who is a sore loser!

Ribbon Microphones

These kinds of microphones are best for podcasts or gaming since they can capture sound two-way. They are closely related to dynamic mics but better at capturing soft sounds. Using this mic for electric musical instruments, like a guitar, may not be a good idea because it can interfere with the ribbon responsible for capturing sound.

Mics That Will Go Best with Your Setups

Now that you know the basic types of microphones, which one is the best to buy for your computer? The best gaming microphone in 2022 is a condenser mic with an Omnidirectional sound capturing feature. A premium quality microphone for an affordable price is rare to find, but you can get one of Ergopixel’s microphones such as the Studio Microphone with a Tripod Stand at a good price! You can also use these microphones for windows devices as they have user-friendly interface and software.

Up your gaming experience with the best gaming microphone and rank up in no time!