What Should I Look For In An ASMR Microphone?

Calling out to all the people looking for a recording mic for ASMR sounds, we have gathered a few useful tips for you to make the decision. Let’s delve into the details and find out what needs to be considered when getting the right microphone for your usage, keep reading!

4 Things to Consider When Looking For a Microphone For ASMR

ASMR recording mic are essential for recording ASMR sounds. They are used to create high-quality sounds that are best suited for recording ASMR videos. So all of these factors are essential.

1. Good Audio Quality

A recording mic is an important tool in the world of ASMR. It is used to record the voice and other sounds that are then played back in order to give viewers a tingling sensation.

There are two types of microphones that people use for recording ASMR sounds 1.Shotgun condenser microphones

  1. Electret condenser microphones.

Both of these produce high quality recordings but their applications differ. Electret condenser mics are typically used by professionals because they must be held close to the subject while shotgun mics can capture sound from farther away, allowing them to be more mobile during filming.

A good quality microphone produces high-quality sound recordings, which is why it's important for ASMR content creators to invest in one if they want their videos to be successful.

2. Decent Sound Frequency Range

When recording ASMR sounds, it is best to have a decent sound frequency range microphone. This will ensure that the volume on the recording device is neither too high or too low and that it captures the full spectrum of audible frequencies. The best way to find out which is the best mic for streaming  is by testing them out for yourself and recording some of your personal ASMR sounds with each microphone you're considering. You can also check out multiple videos online by your favourite ASMR sound artists and check the microphones they use. If you think you want a similar sound frequency range, get the microphone!

3. Noise Cancellation:

Noise cancelling microphones can help make quality recordings of ASMR sounds and voices. They do this by filtering out all the unwanted background noise for a clear recording, allowing for more focus on what’s being recorded and less worry about unwanted interference from outside sound sources.

4. Gain Settings

Setting up your microphone correctly is important for recording the best ASMR sounds. This includes adjusting the input gain.

The input gain determines how sensitive your microphone is to sound waves coming in from outside the device. Microphones with high sensitivity are more likely to pick up external noise, which can lead to distorted or noisy recordings.

Without gain settings, you can't make recordings for ASMR sounds as high as you want them to be. In order to fix this issue, you need to adjust your gain as well as audio levels on your audio editing software.

5. Meets Your Budget

Last but not the least, it should meet your budget! With ASMR sounds you may get distracted by the multiple microphones out there but keep in mind to stay closer to your budget and figure out a middle ground before you set foot to get your microphone.


With that being said all of these factors need to be considered