What Size Desk Do I Need for 2 Monitors?

What Size Desk Do I Need for 2 Monitors?

In the modern-day, working from home on computers is very common. Social media analysis, video editing, forex trading, programming, and many other jobs have an innate requirement of high usage of computers. Nowadays, people have started to use two, or at times even three monitors at the same time. Doing so helps them in many ways and increases their productivity.

Problem with Multiple Monitors

We know that multiple monitors can make life easier, but a common question comes along. What size should my desk be for the two monitors? What would be the best desk for gaming? The user needs to get the right size of the desk to get the maximum benefit out of the screens and also ensure physical health.

Factors to be Considered.

There are a few factors that one should keep in mind before buying a desk. Let’s take a look at them.

Surface Area:

Since the surface area will be carrying all devices of the computer including the CPU, keyboard, mouse, and speakers, it is necessary to have ample of it on your desk. For 2 monitors of around 20 to 24 inches each, a person would generally require a desk that has a length of around 4 feet or 48 inches. A width of around 30 inches would be suitable to complement it.


Scientists say that your working space should be at your elbow height. It means that you should know that when you sit on your chair, your elbows should not be higher or lower than the desk. Especially for the people who use computers for longer periods, getting the correct height for your table is important.

Design and Shape:

The design depends more on your personal preference. Some people prefer a standard minimalistic straight desk whereas others prefer an L-shaped desk which offers the user screens on either side of them and not just in front.

Stability and Strength:

For a gaming desk setup, it is crucial that the desk comes with a strong base to keep it stable and can carry enough weight of the 2 screens beside the other heavy-duty devices. Of course, as a gamer or video editor, you would not want your working space to be moving or breaking when you work.

Extra Features:

Many desks now come with different features and you can choose according to your preference. Some desks may have drawers and some may not. Some desks come with separate shelves and storage for books and other devices while some are just plain tables. One feature that is attracting most customers is the height adjustable desk in Canada. This allows you to change the height whenever you want to.


Undoubtedly, most customers think about their budget before buying anything. You might feel like you want all the best features in your desk but you must keep in mind your budget and pick the desk with the features that are more necessary for you.

And Done!

Make sure to keep these factors in mind when you choose the size of your desk. It will ensure that you invest your money in the right product, you can make use of your setup efficiently and your own gaming PC desk is ready.