What Size Ring Light do Youtubers Use?

Ring lights are the most important tools for youtubers. They help your videos look more professional and give you the control over your lighting.

There are a variety of ring light size options available in the market. From very small to very large, there is a range of ring light sizes for youtubers. If you're considering buying a ring light, it’s important to decide on what size fits your needs best.

Are you wondering what ring light do youtubers use? We have got your back because we will be telling you the right size of the ring light if you are a youtuber planning to get one or if you want to just find out for the purpose of knowing!

What is the Most Preferable Size for a Ring light?

If you’re looking to find a ring light costco for your use, then you need to understand that ring lights are typically in inches. These inches highlight the outer diameter of the light. You may find the product details listed with two measurements 14inches and 12 inches. The small measurement shows the inner side of the ring light and the large measurement shows the outer diameter of the ring light.


For all those wondering what ring light do youtubers use, the most common one is the 10 and 18 inches one. The ring light  is available in a size range from 8 to 20 inches, and the most preferable ones are 10 inch and 14 inch especially for youtubers.


The 18 inch ring light is preferable in illuminating small to medium-sized rooms which is ideal if you are filming, they not just light up the room but make filming more illuminated and easier.


Did you know that the LED bulbs in the ring lights costco hold a good amount of LEDs which help increase the output of the lights, especially because the lage diameter of the ring light helps distribute the light properly and in a wider space.


When getting a smaller ring light, keep in mind that light of the ring light is concentrated in a smaller place, and illuminates an object properly rather than a wider space. So if you are a beauty youtuber these small ring lights will be preferable as you can make make up videos and skin care content as well!


Furthermore, this concentrated selfie light illuminates the face and is excellent for close up videos and even pictures.

What is the Ring Light do Youtubers Use for Large Space Filming?

For larger filming spaces, an 18 inches ring light is used by youtubers, it helps supplement the existing light in the room. 14 to 18 inches is the common size used by youtubers for larger space filming.


Choosing a larger ring light can not just highlight your face, but also the people in your video. Planning to film a fun challenge then these larger ring lights won’t just lighten up the room but also give more definition to your face.


You can use the dimming feature to reduce the facial brightness but keep the exposure in the background the same. Isn't that cool!



You finally have the basics when it comes to choosing a ring light for yourself. Having an insight on what selfie light do youtubers use will help you finalise the decision on your part!